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Tucket Table Micro

Grand Canyon furniture

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Tucket Table Micro
For now you have equipped yourself with GRAND CANYON’s lightweight chairs & stools, you should enhance your camp comfort further. The light, small packing, yet durable aluminium tables of the TUCKET series go together well with our lightweight SUPAI and SINYALA furniture. TUCKET TABLE MICRO is the smaller of the two, but providing you with proper space for parking your teacups or sundowners – or for putting up your camping stove and gas lanterns stable and in safe distance from the ground. It is adjustable in height – so you can also use it while sitting on the ground in front of your tent.


Material Nordisk furnitures
Aluminium frame
Workbook Category
Light & Comfort Furniture
Furniture type


  • Height : 16 cm
  • Weight : 700 g
  • Length : 40 cm
  • Weight : 0.7 kg
  • Width : 28 cm
  • Weight load : 30 kg