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For over 25 years GRAND CANYON has been promoting a modern family adventure camping and glamping lifestyle, offering quality outdoor equipment and camping products to value-for-monay-orientated campers, glmaper and people who take delight in being outdoors with a cerain comfort and cosiness. 


From tents, tarps and shelters to sleeping bags, mats and furniture - GRAND CANYON provides you with all essentials for living outdoors, combined with a lot of practical details and always a good portion of comfort.


In 2018 - with the last major brand update carried out over a decade ago - GRAND CANYON recieved a fresh visual apperance as we breathed new life into the brand with a new logo, a new colour world, new fonts and a clear, rebooted design language to reclaim GRAND CANYON's place center stage - as a refreshed and modern camping brand in all sales channels.


For season 2020 the new brand image and design language is finally transported into the product design of every single GRAND CANYON product to form one coherent, appealing assortment. We sincerely hope that the product ranges we created and put into this homepage will convey our fascination with being outdoors to you. More than ever before, GRAND CANYON stands for family adventure camping - for enjoying outdoor life and comfort camping, always with your family and friends – never alone.


That said, let's venture into the new world of GRAND CANYON.