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Topaz Camping Bed M/L

Turn your family tent sleeping cabin or your big group tent into a proper bedroom with our new GRAND CANYON camping beds. All TOPAZ CAMPING BEDS are extremely robust, based on strong, reinforced aluminium frames, and are fitted with a most durable Oxford Polyester top cloth. Unlike the most camping beds out there, the cloth stretches over the entire length of each TOPAZ CAMPING BED - without any head bar or foot bar getting in the way and shorten the usable length. By omitting these bars, GRAND CANYON also has reduced the steps needed to assemble the folding beds: Just unfold the bed and lock the legs. Done! We wish you a great night’s sleep.

94.95 EUR

Color : Dark Blue


Features Advantages Benefits
Available in two different sizes Size can be chosen according to personal demand Find a camping bed that is convenient for you
Sturdy Oxford Polyester sleeping area Good abrasion resistance – yet, soft to the touch This bed is reliable & brings you great camp comfort
Sturdy aluminium frame & strong legs Carry high loads & give safe stand Suitable for everyone – good overall feeling of safety
No annoying head bar & foot bar The whole length of sleeping area can be used now Use the bed’s full length, never bonk your head
New pre-assembly concept with less steps For fast & easy set-up in very few steps Do not worry about how to put it up – it is really easy
Good pack size & reasonable weight for a bed Can be folded up & transported easily Easy for you to bring your bed & stow away after
Carry bag included For storage and easy transport Can be haul around easily & stowed away neatly
New Spring/Summer 2020 colours Available in two calm, yet modern colours Match your gear with its purpose & your taste
Height furniture bed
Pack Size furniture WxLxH
Weight Kg
150 kg

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