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Topaz Camping Bed Cover M

Grand Canyon furniture

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Topaz Camping Bed Cover M/L
Bringing a camping bed is only the first step to ensure a good night’s sleep. Most people do not know, that a camping bed might lift you off the cold ground – but you would just lie midair, surrounded by cold air. So, what you need to bring to sleep tight & feel comfortable and warm is a padded camping bed cover that provides proper insulation when put upon a camping bed. Of course, GRAND CANYON knows of the importance of insulation layers and with the TOPAZ CAMPING BED COVERS offers exactly these – matching with the two TOPAZ CAMPING BEDS. The TOPAZ covers are soft to the touch and feel very comfortable. The covers are reversible – allowing you to match the colour with your liking. Packsack included.


Hydrostatic head
  • Front : mm
  • Back : mm
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Light & Comfort Furniture
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  • Weight : 1100 g
  • Length : 192 cm
  • Weight : 1.1 kg
  • Width : 65 cm
Pack sack
  • PackSize : 35 x 24 cm