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Tarps, Canopies & Beach Tents

GRAND CANYON tarps spell “multifunctional” in capital letters! Made from lightweight fabrics & components, the UV-protected (UV 50+) and flame-retardant ZUNI tarps can be used on their own in various set-ups to shelter you from rain, wind or sun. They can also be put up as an emergency bivouac tent or put in front of a tent to create a sheltered porch area. The possibilities are sheer endless. The same goes for the brand-new TAHUTA SHELTERS – which can be used on campsites, in the garden, in the park, on music festivals or at the beach. Wherever they are put up, they will form a great common area for family and friends – for the community – to gather, feast, celebrate or just enjoy the time together. True to the GRAND CANYON values. Last, but not least, the new TONTO BEACH TENTS add a totally new design to the GRAND CANYON tent world – with one long pole supported by two half poles the beach tents have a great all-round strength and are quick and easy to set-up. All tarps, and (beach) shelters are available in two colours.

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