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Sinyala Micro

Grand Canyon furniture

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Sinyala Micro
Incredibly relaxed & comfortable seating for a chair of such small size. SINYALA MICRO is a foldable camping chair that can accompany you anywhere you go. Bring it with you to the park, to the festival or to your adventure camp – it almost fits into the pocket of your jacket. Its main seating area is made from Air Mesh to allow decent ventilation on a hot summer day – the mesh also dries quick if you forget to bring the chair inside before the rain. The foldable, lightweight aluminium frame carries up to 100 kg. SINYALA MICRO comes with packsack and Velcro strap for tie-down.


Material Nordisk furnitures
Aluminium frame, 60D Oxford Polyester, Air Mesh
Workbook Category
Light & Comfort Furniture
Furniture type


  • Height : 24 cm
  • Weight : 320 g
  • Length : 22 cm
  • Weight : 0.32 kg
  • Width : 21 cm
  • Weight load : 100 kg
  • Seat height : 24 cm
Pack sack
  • PackSize : 9 x 26 cm