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Hattan 3.8 M/L

<p>Hattan 3.8 is a lightweight, small-packing self-inflating mattress for hiking, trekking, camping and travelling. Wherever you go and whatever you do, the mats of the Hattan range are reliable adventure companions which guarantee to provide you with what you are looking for in a sleeping pad: Comfort, cosiness and - above all - a good night’s sleep. Their top surface has a soft, textile touch to it, their bottom side minimizes sliding on slick tent floors. The easy-to-use screw valve ensures quick self-inflation and allows for further inflation &amp; fast deflation after use. Before rolling and packing, Hattan 3.8 is folded lengthwise for reducing its pack size by almost half. Available in two sizes. So, let’s go – anywhere!</p>

54.95 EUR

Color : American Beauty


Features Advantages Benefits
Available in 185 x 55 cm and 198 x 63 cm Both sizes more comfortable than standard mats No need to lie still - move (in sleep) without falling of
Light Foam thickness of 3.8 cm Solid R-Value & insulation, comfortable height Even if lying on the side, you won‘t feel the ground
Micro brushed top & non-sliding bottom Top is soft to the touch & bottom minimizes sliding You sleep well - on a mat that stays where you put it
Vertically perforated foam filling Less foam used - reduced mat weight & pack size A small, light mat saves you weight & stowage
Compact all-plastic screw valve Light, low-wear & easy to operate Makes it easy to inflate further or deflate the mat
Foldable Mat can be folded lengthwise before rolling Minimized size makes it easier to stow the mat away
New Spring/Summer 2020 colours Two modern, bright & one more traditional colour Match your mat with your personal taste
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