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Hancock 10.0 Xw

Grand Canyon mats

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Hancock 10.0 XW

It’s a bed. Period. But Hancock 10.0 XW is one you can roll up and take everywhere! It is the most comfortable self-inflating mattress Grand Canyon has in the programme for 2020 – extra wide (XW) cut, extra high (10 cm) lying height, yet – it is easy to pack and to take with you when you go. Or you can offer it as a luxurious spare bed to overnight guests. Hancock 10.0 XW is so much better than surfing the couch – and it is gone the next day. Of course, you can take this Hancock mat to the campsite too – but make sure you do not miss your day of departure at the end.


Hydrostatic head
  • Shell, front : mm
  • Shell, back : mm
Mat type
Self-inflating foam mat
Ground Temperature
-43 ℃
Mat shape


  • Length : 198 cm
  • Height : 10 cm
  • Width : 76 cm
  • Volume : 27 l
  • Weight : 3300 g
Pack sack
  • PackSize : 78 x 21 cm