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Grand Canyon Wine Glass

Elegant wine glass with thread which reduces the size and protects the glass when packed together

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Wine glass

Regardless of whether you are camping, outdoors, at a festival, on a boat, in the garden or on a picnic – wherever you are, you can enjoy your wine with style.

Special features:
Very nice wine glasses from Grand Canyon. The high quality, transparent plastic (polycarbonate) is particularly break-proof and light and therefore ideal for everyone who also wants to enjoy their wine with style when they are away from home.

The special feature is that the glass can be taken apart to transport it and is therefore small to pack away. The base is unscrewed and placed on the goblet. This means that the glass takes up very little space in your luggage and is also protected against soiling.

  • Unbreakable made of Lexen
  • Small pack size
  • Ideal for (almost) every trip


Furniture type


  • Length : 9 cm
  • Height : 17 cm
  • Width : 9 cm
  • Weight : 78 g