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Hancock 7.5 Xw

Grand Canyon mats

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Hancock 7.5 XW/Double

With the Hancock 7.5 mats Grand Canyon provides you with a bed to go for one or two. Both mats are comfortably oversized – available in extra wide 76 centimetres (XW) or 130 centimetres width (DOUBLE) – and are proper 7.5 centimetres high. They are the perfect choice for camping weekends, for bolstering your berth up on a boat or in your caravan or for having a luxurious spare bed ready for guests. The Comfort Foam inside the mats makes sure you will get a good night’s sleep at night. During the day, Hancock 7.5 mats are most comfortable to sit and relax on. Two wide-neck valves provide quick inflation & the option to inflate further easily. The mats pack small and are light in weight, compared with their thickness and the comfort they offer.


Hydrostatic head
  • Shell, front : mm
  • Shell, back : mm
Mat type
Self-inflating foam mat
Ground Temperature
-27 ℃
Mat shape


  • Length : 198 cm
  • Height : 8 cm
  • Width : 76 cm
  • Volume : 21 l
  • Weight : 2750 g
Pack sack
  • PackSize : 78 x 18 cm