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Fairbanks 205

Grand Canyon sleeping bags

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Fairbanks 205
FAIRBANKS 205 is a 3-season sleeping bag for temperatures around zero degrees. It features an accentuated contour hood and a fibre filled thermal collar to keep you warm at night. If you want to cool down, you can open the Side Zip to let cold air in – yet, your feet are kept warm in the cold-bridge-free footbox all the time. The backside of FAIRBANKS is waterproof! So even if the ground would get wet, your sleeping bag and you will stay dry - making FAIRBANKS a reliable all-rounder.


Sleeping bag shape
GC Proper Contour Hood


  • Length : 225 cm
  • Body length : 195 cm - 205 cm
  • Weight : 2050 g
  • Shoulder width : 85 cm
  • Foot width : 58 cm
Pack sack
  • Pack sack type : Pack sack
  • PackSize : 27 x 45 cm