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Cruise 7.5 XW

<p>The Cruise series from Grand Canyon offers a wide range of self-inflating insulating mats and cushions.</p> <p>The materials used in all the mats and cushions in the Cruise series from Grand Canyon are identical - they are sturdy and hard-wearing. There is also no difference in the type of design and the high quality workmanship.</p> <p>The decisive factor is merely the depth of the PU foam used and the sizes of the mats.</p> <p>From the thick mat, which offers a high level of insulation and comfort, via weight-optimised versions up to mats for children or two people - select a model geared to your individual requirements.</p> <p>With most of the models you also have the option of choosing a trendy colour of your taste.</p> <p>Despite the variety of mats - they all have one thing in common: Thanks to the high quality materials and careful workmanship, all the models satisfy the highest requirements and promise you a lot of enjoyment from the product.</p>

44.98 EUR 99.95 EUR


  • Extra wide with 76 cm
  • Higher comfort due to 7.5 cm foam
  • Low weight
  • Anti-slide base shell
  • Brushed surface for better comfort
  • Bag
  • Height 8 cm
    RValue 6.5
    GroundTemp -27 ℃
    Dimensions O: 198 cm x 76 cm
    Total weight
    Pack Size O: 18 x 78 cm

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