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Camping wardrobe double

Grand Canyon Storage Cabinet

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Camping wardrobe double

Anyone who goes camping often and for longer periods of time knows how difficult it can be to keep a small space tidy.

The high quality folding wardrobes from Grand Canyon are essential, extremely practical and at the same time very stylish organisers. They help to keep the chaos in the kitchen storage room and clothes corner under control.

Available in three different sizes, the sophisticated folding wardrobes provide a lot of storage space and a work surface for cooking or a surface to place the coffee machine, which is easy to wipe clean.

All the different versions can be assembled in seconds. They have a sturdy design and are extremely practical.

When folded up they look like a flat, sturdy case. When the fasteners are opened, the wardrobe can easily be pulled apart and upwards. Foldaway aluminium rods form the frame and give the sturdy polyester its shape and hold.

Inserted firm shelves stabilise the design and ensure that your crockery is secure and can be stacked without any problems.

  • Camping, Family
  • Very spacious
  • Easy setup
  • Compact foldable


Furniture type


  • Length : 50 cm
  • Height : 80 cm
  • Width : 84 cm
  • Weight : 11 kg
  • Weight load : 30 kg