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3-leg stool steel

Grand Canyon Stool

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3-leg stool steel

If you are looking for a stable seat which is also easy to transport when you are out and about, then the three-leg steel stool from Grand Canyon is the right choice for you.

The very small pack size and low weight of the high quality three-leg stool from Grand Canyon are impressive.

The sophisticated and very stable design of three twistable steel legs combined with a sturdy and flexible foldaway seat made of polyester very easily makes the stool a practical and straightforward seat to use when away from the house – when camping, on hikes or at open-air events and concerts.

  • Robust steel legs
  • Polyester seat
  • Velcro band and strap


Furniture type


  • Length : 34 cm
  • Width : 34 cm
  • Weight : 760 g
  • Seat height : 44 cm
  • Weight load : 100 kg